Sword and Fire

Sword and Fire     "Sword and Fire" is the event for those who enjoy medieval history and medieval reenactment. It is hosted by Scallagrims Medieval Martial Arts Centre (SMMAC) on annual basis, and since 2012 became official event of the National Medieval League (NML)1. This event is not-for-profit in its nature and organized with the purpose of networking, conducting HMB tournaments, sharing of the experience and entertainment of the Medieval Community, as well as to promote education, physical training and learning diverse medieval cultures.

"Sword and Fire" is a Closed type event. Application in advance is required to be able to participate. Re-enacting groups, clubs, organizations, societies, as well as individuals with their friends and families are welcome to apply. Medieval outfit is a MUST for every participant of Sword and Fire. Please read carefully the participation requirements, since it changes from event to event.

The major success of the Sword and Fire comes from its guests, who contribute with little help each to make it more real and entertaining. Every attendee is submerged into medieval life style where most of activities are done using only century old techniques. This gives all who attend a unique experience which can only be seen in the movies or in tight circles of re-enactors.

1 National Medieval League (NML) - a non-profit organization that regulates and sets guidelines for historical medieval battles in Canada. More details can be obtained from www.medievalleague.ca

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