Medieval Games


Various entertaining medieval games make up a big part of Scallagrims' presentations. They help to raise the excitement, test knowledge, strength, dexterity and attention to detail. Most Scallagrims games are fit for any age group with focus on kids, but we also have several fun ones for adults. Winners are rewarded with small souvenir such as replica of some medieval artifact.

List of Games:

  • "Baker"
  • "Battle Bags"
  • "Hunters and Rabbits"
  • "Kolovrat"
  • "Log Pushing"
  • "Log Throwing"
  • "Pulling the stick"
  • "Rope"
  • "Rugby"
At least 20m x 20m of clean grassy space
Time Alocation: 
15 - 30 min
Feasting, Games
Indoor, Outdoor