Medieval Feast


Medieval feast is set up with traditional medieval meals. Scallagrims medieval reenactment group is very critical about any artificial and non period accessories and meals; therefore, all meals are prepared on opened fire with ingredients that were available during medieval times in the given culture.

Medieval feast can be arranged as a show with only Scallagrims members and their guests present at it; yet, spectators may also be allowed to join.

Important: Despite the fact that we cook using natural ingredients, make sure that food is always fresh and un-spoiled and consume it as well, spectators must be aware that such food may not be right for them. Thus they must take full responsibility in of emergency situation caused by consuming meals prepared by Scallagrims MMAC.

At least 20m x 20m of clean grassy space
Place for fire
Fire wood
Time Alocation: 
2 - 5 hrs
Indoor, Outdoor