Living History Camp of IX-XIV century


Scallagrims MMAC team will setup 9-14th century Russ and/or Viking medieval camp by erecting their colorfull period tents and banners. Medieval Camp may include almost anything that Scallagrims can offer; starting with the display of armor and weapons and ending up with arena for full contact historical medieval battles. Visitors can come to see ancient warriors, try on their armor and weapons, as well as take unforgettable pictures with medieval warriors.

Within the camp, spectators may go through basic combat training as well as try their skill in throwing spears, axes, shooting arrows from bow and more.

Scallagrims medieval camp is not only meant for display, it is also used by its inhabitants for sleeping, eating, entertaining themselves and ... pretty much living medieval lives. To insure camps medieval accuracy, we restrict everyone who has no period outfit from accessing it outside of permitted hours. Thus spectators can take beautiful pictures with accurately represented medieval camp of IX-XIV century on the background.

At least 30m x 20m of clean grassy space
At least 6 blocks of hаy
Drinking water
Place for fire
Fire wood
Time Alocation: 
1+ day
Feasting, Games, Presentation