Historical Medieval Battle - Buhgurt


Buhgurt is a type of a full contact historical medieval battle where number of fighters per team is above 10 and number of teams engaged in battle can be anywhere from 2 and above. Buhgurts are the most violent among historical medieval battles, since most fighters are under effect of adrenaline and it is very difficult to control the battle. Therefore, everyone fights until the last team or alliance remains standing on their feet. Despite the extreme nature of this type of historical medieval battle, buhgurt is the most exciting among them all, since it multiplies importance of tactics and allows for re-enactment of large scale battles (e.g. sometimes buhgurts go up to hundreds of fighters on each side)

It is very difficult to arrange buhgurt within one team, so Scallagrims always negotiate with other medieval re-enactment groups and bring them on board to arrange such battles.

Rules for Historical Medieval Battles can be found in Publications section of Scallagrims web site, under "Rules and Regulations".

Clean solid ground/grass
Width: 7-20 m
Length: 15-40 m
Other re-enactors willing to take part
Paramedic on site
Time Alocation: 
15 - 30 min
Combat, Show