Historical Medieval Battle - 5vs5


Historical medieval battle between two groups, 5 fighters each, is a good way for one team to challenge another. This is a perfect combat scenario if you do not want to have very short battle between 2 fighters, yet you have small time frame to fill in with something breathtaking to watch. (e.g. a band is raiding someone's camp). Another nice feature to this type of historical medieval battle is that it has room for tactics. Buy using different weapons and strategically positioning fighters, it becomes very difficult to predict who is going to win. Furthermore, in 5vs5 medieval battles it permitted to use hand to hand combat as well as some wrestling techniques, which gives the battle a UFC flavor.

Frequently, 5vs5 historical medieval battle comes as a part of the tournament, which consists of a series of team battles and may last from several hours.

Rules for Historical Medieval Battles can be found in Publications section of Scallagrims web site, under "Rules and Regulations".

Clean solid ground/grass
Width: 7-20 m
Length: 15-40 m
Other re-enactors willing to take part
Paramedic on site
Time Alocation: 
15 - 30 min
Combat, Show, Tournament