HMB Rules and Regulations

The new format of the Sword & Fire combat tournaments is regulated by National Medieval League which adopted International Rules for Historical Medieval Battles.

One of our primary goals is to keep everyone safe while enjoying full contact HMB. Therefore, we strongly recommend to review these HMB rules and below videos from Battle of the Nations before participating in Historical Medieval Battles at Sword & Fire

Every Fighter Must Read and Understand HMB Rules Below:

International Rules of the Historical Medieval Battle Unified international HMB rules: Category "Duel" 1 vs 1 Unified international HMB rules: Category "Group battles" 5 vs 5

All other rules in Scallagrims "Rules & Regulations" are optional, yet recommended for reading in case participants will want to do any of those categories as well.

Full set of HMB Rules will be also available during the event upon request.

Sword and Fire

Battle Of The Nations - Video Guide

Chapter 1 - General Regulations


Chapter 2 - General Rules of Battle Holding


Chapter 3 - Authorized Techniques


Chapter 4 - Prohibited Techniques


Chapter 5 - Penalties


Chapter 6 - Filing an Appeal