General Information, Policies & Requirements

Eligibility to Attend and Participate

  1. To be able to participate in the event, an applicant must review in detail and sign the Event Release form and Participants Agreement.
  2. Upon reviewing and signing the Event Release form and the Participation Agreement, an attendee is considered to willingly assume the risks and responsibilities of participation in the event and any chosen activities.
  3. To be able to fully participate in the event, an applicant must meet minimum costume requirements, outlined in Minimum Costume Requirements section.
  4. To be able to participate in any Tournament, an applicant must A) meet fitness and age requirements, as well as Personal Safety requirements outlined in the Rules and Regulations section at for each tournament, and B) fill-in and sign the Tournament Health and Safety Form.
  5. The eligibility of an applicant to participate in an event and any chosen activities is based upon the fitness of an applicant only (outlined in appropriate sections), and is not in any way based on an applicant’s race, color, national origin, sex, religion, or political affiliation.


Every club, group, organization and/or individual is responsible for supervising their own minors during all times throughout the event, and holds total responsibility for all property damage and/or personal injury resulting from the minor/dependant, as outlined in Participation Agreement.

Pet Policy

  • Pets must never be left unattended and must be kept on-leash at all times in Medieval camp.
  • The owner of a pet shall maintain cleanness about his/her pet and ensure due fecalis removal. non-compliance will lead to a fine of up to $50.00 for each occasion.
  • The owner of a pet holds total responsibility for all property damage and/or personal injury resulting from the pet and must sign a Pet Policy Waiver.

Smoking Policy

  • Smoking outside is permitted.
  • Smoking is NOT permitted inside covered areas, tents and tabernacles. Non-compliance will result in fine of up to $50.00 for each occasion.
  • NO modern cigarettes are allowed in medieval part of the camp. Please, substitute such with a pipe, shisha, chewing tobacco, etc.
  • It is forbidden to offer/sell tobacco products to minors at all times, as per Ontario Law.

General Camp Cleanness

  • Every group/club must oversee its own territory - both Medieval and Modern. No garbage should be left on the ground at any time. Garbage bins will be distributed at registration.
  • Please make sure to clean you campsite before you leave the event.

Medieval Outfit Minimum Requirements

Please be advised that ONLY guests wearing medieval outfits will have access to the medieval part of the camp, entertainment, tournaments and the Feast. 

Minimum outfit requirements

  • An outfit should represent a member of medieval society of any nation/people and belong to the IX-XV century period – pre-Renaissance only.
  • An outfit should be as complete as possible.
  • An outfit should look authentic.
  • Authentic head-dress, foot-wear & jewelry is recommended, though not a must. If wearing modern foot-wear, please make sure it is properly covered and not visible.
  • There should be NO modern elements present / visible, such as modern foot-wear, sun-glasses, watches, cell phones or modern earrings. Exceptions: prescribed glasses, personal motor-equipment, personal health and safety equipment, hearing equipment, etc.
  • NO artificial Fur please.
  • NO Fantasy/Fairy outfits please.

***Please review our Tips on "How to Look More Authentic"


Guests, attending the Saturday Night Feast, are to remain in medieval outfits through-out the night.