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Scallagrims Armory

As an organization that focuses on researching medieval cultures and life styles outside and during war times Scallagrims Medieval Martial Arts Centre takes a deep interest in medieval armor and weapons as well as their application and purpose in battle. Through a great deal of time spent on research and crafting, we reconstruct medieval artifacts that were found by archeologists and then we put them to the test in real full contact battles...

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Sword & Fire 2011

Awesome event, TONS of fun, VERY intense fights - I enjoyed the hell out of it! A Huge thank you to all the Scallagrims for being so accommodating, the food was utterly phenomenal - and all of you were such wonderful people!

By Aaron Joseph Bolarinho, AEMMA

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Treasureventure 2011


Videos & Pictures

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Medieval Festival Weekend 2011

Event Review

Upper Canada Village is one of the most favored events among Scallagrims. Every year organizers tend to bring something new into the festival that adds additional flavors to medieval spirit of the participants.

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Sword and Fire 2011

          "Scallagrims are pleased to invite you to a unique week-end camping event for the lovers of history, acting and re-enacting!

          “Sword and Fire” is a not-for-profit event in nature with the focus on bringing Medieval community closer together than ever. It is staged with the purpose of networking, sharing both combat and living-history experience between medieval re-enacting groups, performers, and artists, and promoting study of history, physical training, and learning foreign cultures.

          “Sword and Fire” is a closed event, which means – no school children, no onlookers, and no tourists! Medieval clubs, groups, organizations, societies and individual history lovers are invited to attend. Friends & Family are welcomed!"

Greg Polevoy
Founder of Scallagrims MMAC

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Launch of a New Site

We are extremely excited to introduce our new site that was officially launched on March 8th 2011, the same day as an International Women's Day.

We'd also like to congratulate all of our female members, friends and fans with this wonderful day, and thank you for making this world colorful and beautiful with your presence in it.

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