Sun. 6pm - 9pm (Toronto)

Scallagrims FREE-for-All training sessions are ones of the most important pieces of the culture within the organization. During these sessions we are not only preparing our members for combat and fire-shows, but also socialize with each other, conduct team meetings and basically keep team together.


186 Cowan Avenue
Toronto, ON

Time: 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Details of Combat Training

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All newcomers must have following items if they do not have gear compliant with Historical Medieval Battles rules:

  • Heavy duty gloves that are comfortable and durable;
  • Thick tuque to use as an extra padding for the helmet;
  • Regular gym clothing including pants;
  • Heavily padded under armor - Gambeson.

It is important to have all of the above for hygienic reasons. We do have spare gloves and gambesons but they may not be always available.

Optional for new comers and mandatory for all senior members of Scallagrims:

  • HMB compliant combat gear, such as Armor, Shields, Helmets and Weapons

Basic physical training

Includes number of simple exercises that are designed to:

  • warm up and stretch muscle tissues;
  • strengthen arms, legs and torso;
  • increase endurance and stamina.

Basic weapons training

This part of the training targets newcomers and familiarizes them with various applications and types of medieval weapons such as: swords, axes, spears and shields. During basic weapons training all newcomers learn how to wield medieval weapons in an offensive and defensive manner.

Frequently, new fighters are separated in groups of 2 to practice with each other or with more experience fighters. This allows to reinforce the knowledge with some experience and to conclude basic medieval weapons training.

Enhanced weapons training

After fighters become comfortable with medieval weapons in Basic weapons training, they are transferred to practice on dummy. They are very likely to use much heavier weapons that will make practice more difficult.

Usually, many weapon types are much lighter in Historical Medieval Battles (HMB) than the ones used at Scallagrims training. As a result, Scallagrims fighters are much more efficient in fighting other teams in HMB as opposed to when training.

Enhanced weapons training is targeting following areas:

  • Increase of the attack speed;
  • Increase of the striking power;
  • Increase of the endurance for continuous offensive actions.

Tactical formations training

One of the significant advantages of Scallagrims fighting squad over majority of other teams in Canada is that it is capable to synchronously execute all commands of the Commanding Officer and effectively use tactical formations on the battlefield and on the parade. Medieval tactical formations training focuses on polishing skills to listen and to act on given command with the rest of the formation as if it is one solid unit.

1 vs 1 combat training

Last hour of the training session is dedicated to polishing combat skills in full contact duel. Fighters are free to fight in any nomination of 1 vs 1 by HMB rules. We encourage not to use expensive and authentic gear, since it is greatly degraded after number of such training battles.

Details of Fire-show Training


Must Have:

  • Protective Cup (for Guys);
  • Rigid bra (for Ladies);
  • Regular gym clothing.

Optional for newcomers and Must-have for Awaken Demons members:

  • Training Poi, Staff, Blades, etc.

IMPORTANT: fire is strictly PROHIBITED when training in doors.


Warm-up is crucial for fire-show training, since it prevents many unwanted injuries. Combining Basic physical training for fighters is a very good idea to keep oneself in shape, but simple stretching of all muscles and a bit of jogging is usually enough.

Planes control

Controlling planes is the most basic technique that helps to make all elements to look like they should by keeping all circles straight and at the right angle.

Learning and practicing elements

During this section of training instructor demonstrates elements and students must learn to repeat them and enhance the look of them by constantly practicing.

Staging performance

Practice of the performance with the group or solo combines all learned elements and transitions. Students are also learning how to work together synchronously and time their elements to match the music.

Eventually, practiced performance becomes a live fire-show that is performed with fire in public.