Sakhnovka Bracers XIIIc.

Discovery Location: 
13th century
Armory Categories: 
Sakhnovka Bracers (Scallagrims Replica)
Sakhnovka Bracers (Original)
Sakhnovka Bracers (Discovery Location)

… "However, much unexpected discovery appeared to be steel bracer (elbow piece), originated from rich house hold (there was also discovered cupper golden-plated icon) of village Sakhnovki, destroyed by Mongols around 1240. Bracer consisted of two pipe-like pieces connected with hinges, which were pulled (to be more specific, closed) around arm with the help of two belts and two buckles. This bracer was so close to late medieval period, that it impressed the head of archeological dig site V. Gaze. He wrote following in his report: “Location and conditions, under which this part of warrior’s armor was discovered (bottom of dwelling, 3.2 m deep, - A.K.), makes it especially interesting, since its relation to period of kniazes is doubtful.”

So, antiquity of the item does not cause any doubts. It is important to present several comparisons. In Europe, plated armor for arms appeared around 1230; bracers in shape of two pipe like plates appear in 1250 – 1260. Hinged elbow pieces show up for the first time on images of 1325-1330, and much earlier ones, found on Bornholm, relate to XIV c. Thus, Sakhnovki bracers are the oldest in Europe and, besides, the rather perfect in its design. It is left to add, that term “bracer” starts to come up in documents of XVI c., and if not for Sakhnovka discovery, we would not know of such an early appearance of this part of armor in Russ." ...

A. N. Kirpichnikov
(Translated by Sasha Grybyuk)