Chain Mail Mittens

Chain mail mitten is one of the most basic piece of armor for your hands required by Scallagrims Medieval Martial Arts Centre to participate in full contact medieval reenactment battles. These mittens are designed to withstand hard hits with swords. For heavier weapons they may require additional padding or layer of hard material like leather. Inner surface of the mitten, which makes contact with the handle of the weapon, is usually made of leather. The rough surface of the leather is on the external side to create more friction, thus provide better grip on the weapon. Outer surface, including area surrounding the wrist is made of multiple layers of fabric with soft material stuffed between them. All this is stitched across to prevent stuffing from shifting away from areas which are critical to protect. The last layer of protection is made of a chain mail that covers entire glove with exception of the leather. Leather lace is pulled through the rings around the perimeter of the entire chain mail and sewn to the fabric to insure that mail does not slide off the mitten.
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Chain Mail Mittens (Inner surface)
Chain Mail Mittens (Outer surface)