Scallagrims Armory

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Spears & Javelins Shields

As an organization that focuses on researching medieval cultures and life styles outside and during war times Scallagrims Medieval Martial Arts Centre takes a deep interest in medieval armor and weapons as well as their application and purpose in battle. Through a great deal of time spent on research and crafting, we reconstruct medieval artifacts that were found by archeologists and then we put them to the test in real full contact battles.

As many already know, our ancestors possessed great skills that allowed them to create weapons and armor of great power, strength and/or flexibility. Even though these techniques and skills are long forgotten, Scallagrims still manages to replicate and re-discover some bits of lost knowledge. We achieve this by piecing together small bits of information from various sources and attempting to replicate processes that help to make our armor and weapons to withstand punishing hits during ruthless battles.

In the Scallagrims Armory we shall demonstrate our accomplishments that can be compared to ancient artifacts and are put to the test on the events that we participate in.

If you will have any questions, recommendations or will find this material controversial, please, feel free to contact us through “Contact Us” link and we will be delighted to consider your comment and respond to it.


Sasha Grybyuk

Chief of Warfare