About Scallagrims Medieval Martial Arts Centre

Scallagrims Medieval Martial Arts Centre is non-profit organization based in Toronto since 2003. Primary focus of Scallagrims is learning and experiencing history through research, recreation and reenactment of medieval cultures, as well as providing physical and combat training to cover military aspects of medieval times. Group is actively involved in research and reenactment of IX - XIth century 

CombatVikings and XIII - XIVth century Kievan Rus. There are plans further expansion into covering XIV - XVth century Central and Western European nations, as well as XIII - XIVth century Mongols and will give newcomers more choices to pick what they would like to learn and recreate.

Live history recreation is a welcomed home for those who want to live through and experience the life style of our ancestors. Scallagrims provide an opportunity to travel back in time and put oneself in the shoes of a person who lived hundreds of years ago: to live in similar conditions; to eat the same food, which is cooked the same way; to sleep in the tent covered with furs from wild and domestic animals; to wear and make the same clothes; to practice the art of medieval warfare; to see the life without car, computer, TV and cell phone.

Scallagrims squad members are trained to deliver exceptional performance in full contact live steel medieval martial arts competitions. This training gives them an opportunity to obtain unique experience of the heat of simulations of massive medieval battles, a.k.a. "Buhgurt" that are too hardcore to call them fake and not real enough due to lack of fatalities.
ScallagrimsAs part of their training Scallagrims Medieval Martial Arts Centre implemented fire poi spinning training as well as combat with flaming weapons. This training helps fighters to overcome fear of fire and expands number of moves and manuers that are available for use in various types of medieval battles where flaming structures and weapons are involved.

In case you have any questions about Scallagrims Medieval Martial Arts Centre and its activities, you can write us at info@scallagrims.com and one of our senior squad members will gladly provide you with requested details.